concrete twin elbow Chinaconcrete twin elbow China

Our company is one of the biggest manufacturing and trading companies in China. We have been specialized in manufacturing concrete pump spare parts for 20 years and are specialized in producing all kinds of concrete pump parts.
Export Country
And more ,we have business with 43 countries ,like pakistan,Russian,Iran,Saudia,Jordan,Korea,Japan,Germany,American,Mexcio,Chile.Vietnam,etc
Product goods
Now we main export:Pipe ,Elblow,Clamp,Flange,Rubber Hose,Piston,S valve,Wear Parts,Cleaning ball and so on
Popular goods
ST52 Pipe: is very popular in Saudia,Jordan,Iran,Chile,Kuwait,etc Country,Every month ,we export Concrete Pipe about 6000Pieces,The company now has superb technology, advanced welding equipment and spraying equipment,becasue in the Middle East Countries very like ST52 pipe ,so Our pipe facotry use best kind flange ,and best Electrode wear
Twin Layer Pipe:is very popular in American, our Twin Layer Pipe has two kind ,one kind is for 50.000M3, another kind is for 100.000M3
Casting Elbow, :We have business with Putzmeister,Schwing For 12 year, we have biggest facotry in china for Product Casting Elbow ,In the world ,We business with Putzmeister,Schwing,Con Forms,PIO,CIFA,PPP,etc ,we can product elbow type: Pm brand,Pm HD type,Schwing brand,CF Brand.PPP Brand,CIFA Brand,PIO Brand etc,we also can help client put client's brand on elbow,make different quality elbow for clients
We are famous for our superior quality, competitive prices, first-class craftworks, safe package and prompt delivery. Therefore, we can fully satisfy your demands and have a large customer baseconcrete twin elbow China

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