SBS APP Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane price

1.Product overview
Fiberglass Reinforced SBS Bituminous Roofing Membrane is a kind of flexible waterproof material which using Stylene-Butadiene-Stylene (SBS) thermoplastic elastic modified bitumen as dipping and coating material, polyester or fiberglass as reinforcement material, and polyethylene film, fine sand, mineral slice (or particle) as insulation material.
2.Product Specification
Thickness (mm)3+/-0.34+/-0.35+/-0.3
Lower surfacePE; S
Weight/sqm (kg)
Remarks: PE indicates polyethylene film; S indicates fine sand; M indicates mineral slice or particle
3.Product Features
1) High tensile strength, high elongation, high adaptive capacity to shrinkage, deformation and fracture of base.
2) Root penetration resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life.
3) Excellent low and high temperature resistance,particularly suitable for chilly region.
4) Good workability: It can be constructed by heat fusion method in the four seasons of the whole year and hot-joint is reliable and durable.

4.Application scope
1) Industrial and civil buildings of the roofs and basements,
2) Swimming pool, fire-water pond, channel, pipe drain.
3) Railway, highway, subway and tunnel waterproofing projects.
4) Especially adapt to shrinkage, deformation and fracture of base or cold area,
5, Executive standard:
GB18242-2008 Elastomer Modified Asphalt WaterproofingMaterial

6.Construction guideline
6.1 heat fusion method: basement pretreatment--->brush primer--->pave SBS waterproof membranes--->seal the edge of joint--->watertight test--->next processes
6.1.1 basement pretreatment: Surfaces should be dry, clean, smooth and free from any dusts, oil or loose particles. Cracks and surface irregularities need to be filled by polymer mortar.
6.1.2 Before membrane laying, brush the primer on basement evenly and completely cover all laying places.
6.1.3 heat the membranes evenly, pave the membranes on basement according to the alignment when the membranes’ surface is black and bright with a fusion layer and keep the membrane straight and smooth, ensure the joint area min. 60 mm overlap (length and width). Press the membranes tightly to make sure the trapped air to be excluded and the membranes bonded with basement firmly, no bubbles and wrinkles allowed. It also can be applied strip adhesion method and border adhesion method.
6.1.4 seal the edge of joint by automatic crawling welding machine or hand-hold welding gun, no miss welding and fake welding allowed. Sealing, fixing and constraining on vertical surfaces, on vertical surfaces, fix with metal battens and seal with sealants for membranes.
6.1.5 watertight test, visual inspection and mechanical inspection(i.e. use a flat head screwdriver to check) first, then, keep 20-30 mm water for min. 24 hours, no water leakage.
6.1.6 Application on protection and isolation layer, after membrane laying, construct protection and isolation layer according to waterproof layer design.
1) Different items, models, dimensions and grades should be stored separately.
2. Store the products in a dry and ventilated place with the storage temperature less than 50℃, and products should be placed upright and stacked no more than two layers.
3) Keep products in an upright position during transportation., avoid incline and cross squeeze between rolls.
4) The shelf-life is one year under normal storage condition.
1) Don’t install in the rainy days or the temperature is lower than 0 ℃.
2) all the workers should put on special uniforms to keep safe during installing, take fire safety precautions and fire equipments should be prepared.
(The End)SBS APP Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane price

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